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In today’s digital marketplace, having a mobile presence is a must. But does this mean you need to pay for a separate a mobile version of your site? Or are you simply better off with an app? What about all the different screen sizes and resolutions? Does all of this mean that you have to maintain ... Continue Reading

The Backend as a Service (BaaS) revolution has mainly targeted mobile developers (yes, there’s an acronym for that: mBaaS), and for good reason. A mobile developer’s skills typically don’t overlap those required for building and maintaining server-side infrastructure. The same isn’t true for... Continue Reading

We get many requests to build mobile apps. Customers are often surprised by the development effort required to make great mobile apps. Although apps are not as difficult to build as they once were, there is still a lot of server-side code that must be written in addition to the app itself. In this... Continue Reading

For years, building web apps has required server-side code and a database. That was great for browsers, but then mobile apps came along and changed everything. Today apps appear on any number of devices, including browsers, and the same app needs to run seamlessly on multiple devices.

We are very excited to present the new logo for Longmont Council for the Arts! We really enjoyed working with President Debbie Adams, Executive Director Joanne Kirves, and Board Member Anne Schmid. The LCA was ready to update their image to better reflect the vibrant nature of today's Longmont Cou... Continue Reading

Every business with a website should make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a priority. Increasing your page rank in search engines like Google and Bing generally means more traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization is something that every business owner can do on its own, it just requires ... Continue Reading

Thirty years ago, marketing your product or service was simple. Marketing professionals "pushed" messages to their target market en mass through channels such as television, radio, magazines and outdoor. This type of mass marketing depended upon the Four P's:  Product, Price, Place, and Promotion ... Continue Reading