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Graphic Design

At Bark! Multimedia we have been empowering brands accross the United States for more than a decade. Logos, business cards, brochures, packaging, and illustrations are just a few of the graphic design services that we offer.

Graphic Design in Longmont

Logo Design

An eye-catching and memorable logo is the foundation of any brand's identity. Research has shown that it typically takes 7 to 12 impressions or "touches" before potential customers identify with your brand. The stronger your logo design, the faster new customers will recognize your company. Our designers focus on creating logos with maximum impact that drive customers to your business. Bark! Multimedia has created exciting logos for a variety of industries - from restaurants to resorts.

Text Logos

Often favored by Fortune 500 companies, text logos are visually simple, easy to remember and can be reproduced on a wide variety of marketing materials. Text logos tend to market your business' name rather than your business' image. This type of logo is desireable for businesses with a unique name.

Iconic Logos

Iconic logos often contain a simple graphic that reflects part of the business. They are the most common type of logo and dispite thier simplicity, can be the most difficult to design. Iconic logos should be created by a knowledgable designer who can design around known technical limitations.

Illustrative Logos

Illustrative logos are more complex and tend to display a more realistic pictorial representation of your business. Although this type of logo takes longer for viewers to 'absorb', once established it has a high recognition factor (e.g. sport team mascots).

Graphic Design in Longmont

Longmont - Graphic Design Services

Corporate Identity / Stationery

We have been designing and personalizing business logos and stationery for more than two decades. Our experience and collaboration with trusted printers in the Front Range area results in high quality printed pieces that will make your company stand out from the competition.


Sending correspondence is a staple of daily business life. So it is important to make sure that every communication with your customers accurately reflects the persona of your business by delivering a solid, unified brand identity. Bark! Multimedia designers will create letterhead that seamlessly integrates with the every component in your corporate identity, effectively conveying the professionalism of your company.

Business Cards

Make a strong first impression with a charismatic business card that grabs attention and reinforces your brand identity. These standard business accessories can be so much more than just a name and a phone number. With a wealth of materials to choose from including plastic, metal, and numerous types of papers, our designers strive to create unique designs that will stand out.


Often overlooked, the mighty envelope is a primary touch point. This means that your envelope is a key opportunity to convey your business message and further impress your brand identity.

Longmont Graphic Design

Brochures & Newsletters

Informing and connecting with your customer base is crucial to developing great customer relationships and building sales. Whether your goal is new customer acquisition, or improving brand loyalty, Bark! Multimedia designers can help you achieve your goals. We create vibrant designs that captivate readers and showcase your business as a trustworthy, professional organization.


Most businesses need brochures for their products, services, or even for the whole company. Our designers have been creating brochures for decades and have extensive experience creating designs that can explain and convey even the most complex topics. So whether you sell homes or turbine piston joints, Bark Multimedia can help.


Due to their informational nature, newsletters have a very high read rate when compared with other forms of communications. Consequently, newsletters are an excellent way to remind customers of your business and current specials.

Bark! Multimedia understands how to balance the information and news portion of a newsletter with targeted advertising to compel your customers to make purchases. We can use your in-house articles, or write articles for you with our copywriting service. Our designers will then create a well-designed, interesting package that can be emailed, or printed and snail-mailed to your customers. Watch sales soar along with customer retention rates!

Longmont - Graphic Design, Brochures, Logos
Longmont - Graphic Design, Brochures, Logos

Direct Mail

Direct mail can be a very effective means of reaching your customers, but to be successful, your message must be compelling and succinct. The best direct mail pieces have a powerful call to action that the reader can't ignore, such as free giveaways or coupons with significant discounts. But even the best offers will go unheeded if the piece isn't able to capture the reader's attention. At Bark! Multimedia, we create captivating designs that stand out in a stack of mail. If you want to get noticed and attract more customers, we can help.


One of the most effective direct mail formats is the post card, which is partially due to the fact that the United States Post Office offers favorable rates for post cards when compared with other formats. Additionally, since there are only two sides - the front and back - design and printing costs are also lower. Even more important is the fact that recipients will almost always get your message because there is no envelope to open.

A successful post card design is one that captivates the recipient and coaxes them to spend a few extra seconds reviewing the piece, allowing your message to be delivered. At Bark! Multimedia, our designers go the extra mile to develop bold designs that stand out and demand to be noticed.


When designing a brochure, one important consideration is direct mail. We can create dual use brochures that function for both physical distribution as well as direct mail. Your brochure can be designed to incorporate postal codes, address labels and more. If direct mail is an advertising avenue you want to pursue, then dual use brochures may be the best way to maximize your advertising dollars.

Longmont - Graphic Design, Brochures, Logos